The privileged government media giant, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation- the CBC, is out of control, a bull in the proverbial china shop, with huge amounts of Tax money pouring into their abyss of spending waste every day. Their goal seems to be to prevent privatization, and the competition that the real world market would bring!

Other broadcasters, such as CTV and Shaw/Global for example, survive and indeed prosper from the advertising and cable/satellite fees earned. However, this significant amount of normal broadcast industry revenue, easily capable of making a private sector broadcast group happy, is not sufficient for the money burning privileged CBC. In fact, we taxpayers are giving them more than an additional one billion dollars every year. Yes that’s $1 billion. More than one billion dollars of your tax money, plucked out of your pocket and given as a free gift to this government owned media service every twelve months.

Who would want to lose this bonanza? The CBC is out there on the hunt for any government company that was SUCCESSFULLY privatized and that is for one reason and one reason only: to prevent CBC privatization. Take for example their smear campaign against CN Rail. Dozens of articles by the CBC “allegedly” exposing CN Rail as guilty of anything one can imagine: bribes, safety violations, drug trafficking, EPA and CBSA investigations, biodiesel and diesel RINs scandals, corruption, tax evasion. The CBC campaign against CN Rail is only one example.

Rail safety needs government enforcement not ‘luck,’ Mulcair says

TSB says CN Rail failed to report hundreds of derailments, collisions

Rail safety: Train operators breaking more rules in recent years

Rail safety: Train operators breaking more rules in recent years

Runaway trains almost triple reported rate, CBC finds

Rail safety map: Find runaway trains near your community

PMO staff tried to use party ties to Deloitte to derail Duffy audit

Rob Ford says he’s quit drinking, has had ‘come-to-Jesus’ moment

Rob Ford knocks over city councillor

Prison beatings caught on video at Ontario and Quebec jails

Rob Ford crack video hunt drew threats, offers of cash

Discussing the Rob Ford crack scandal and what’s next for Toronto’s mayor

Mayor Rob Ford won’t step down despite crack use

Rob Ford’s crack use — in his own words

Rob Ford ‘announcement’ expected on weekly radio show

Rob Ford bombshell allegations spur saucy headlines

Rob Ford: ‘I have no reason to resign’

Video showing Toronto mayor allegedly using crack is in police possession

CN hiding derailments, falsifying stats, employees allege

Company denies coverups and rejects fraud allegations in U.S. suit

Whistleblower lawsuit says CN is cooking its books

Senator Mike Duffy, in his own words

Mike Duffy claims Harper told him to repay expense money

Mike Duffy friend paid $65K for ‘no apparent work,’ RCMP allege

CN used private police force to punish me, ex-employee says

GO Transit audit sparked by claims CN overbilled taxpayers

Transport Canada mum on rail safety rules

GO Transit probes allegations of fraud, overbilling

SNC-Lavalin International used secret code for ‘bribery’ payments

Former SNC-Lavalin VP charged in Bangladesh bribery probe

Judge orders Crown to speed access to info on Toronto gang raids

Report on fatal Via derailment coming Tuesday

Giorgio Mammoliti faces questions over $5,000-a-table event

City of Toronto conduct rules forbid fundraising outside of election campaigns

RCMP moving to freeze assets in widening SNC-Lavalin probe

SNC-Lavalin International used secret code for ‘bribery’ payments

Rob Ford apologizes again, Daniel Dale drops lawsuit

Doug Ford responds to allegations

Casino loophole lets criminals launder cash, RCMP fear

SNC-Lavalin staff donated $15K to Conservative nominee

Collingwood blogger complains to OPP about Nazi web video

Collingwood town officials face OPP probe

Fatal Via Rail crash captured on video

Fatal Via crash could have been avoided, ex-CN supervisor says

L.A. cocaine bust threatens Canada-U.S. police relations

Gadhafi son’s ex-bodyguard to be deported from Canada

SNC Lavalin paid $160M in Libyan bribes, RCMP allege

Transport Canada orders 8 Ontario wind turbines removed

Structures too close to Chatham-Kent airport and pose risk to pilots

Montreal mayor resigns amid corruption charges

Secret tax-haven files lift veil on $32M Ontario fraud

How Canada’s banks help money move in and out of tax havens

PM’s former chief of staff controlled secret Tory fund

Tory line on PMO fund ‘doesn’t wash,’ Mulcair says

Police visited home linked to Rob Ford crack allegations

Toronto mayor in scandal involving alleged video that appears to show him smoking crack

Gawker reports Rob Ford alleged crack video may be ‘gone’

Toronto mayor’s brother says he never dealt drugs

SNC-Lavalin letter says Gadhafi son was offered VP post

RCMP say SNC executive requested Canadian work permit for Saadi Gadhafi

Missing B.C. man kept secret offshore accounts

Greg Cyr’s ex-wife urges fresh investigation after tax-haven documents emerge

Senator’s husband put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

Elections Canada asked to probe donations from SNC-Lavalin execs

SNC-Lavalin senior execs accused of hiding commission fees

Collingwood mayor’s brother paid by casino, power companies

L.A. cocaine bust threatens Canada-U.S. police relations

CN Rail vows co-operation in mystery train biofuels probe

Canada’s border service, U.S. EPA officials probe biodiesel mystery train

Biofuel credits behind mystery cross-border train shipments

Back and forth shipments prompt accusation of fraud, EPA and CBSA probes

Kate hoax radio station may have broken law, experts say

CN’s $2.6M mystery U.S. trips never unloaded biodiesel

RCMP and Swiss widen SNC payments probe

Former SNC-Lavalin CEO arrested on fraud charges

SNC-Lavalin payments under scrutiny total $195M

Engineering giant confirms $139M paid to Swiss accounts for Libya-related work

Ontario prison contacts police in sex-for-drugs probe

TTC buses pulled off routes to pick up Rob Ford’s football team

Police officer charged in cross-border cheese smuggling

Charges coming as Niagara cops add cheese to smuggling probe

Police role suspected in border shipments of cheap pizza toppings

‘Toxic effects’ of ephedrine cited in Niagara officer’s death

Ont. couple seeks injunction to stop wind-farm expansion

‘I’m not interested in being a guinea pig,’ says resident, citing health concerns of turbines

Steroid allegations within Niagara police go back years

Niagara police probe steroid, drug allegations within ranks

Wind farm health risks claimed in $1.5M suit

Ontario family sues Suncor, alleging health problems

G8/G20 police raked in bonuses, OT pay

Elections Canada probing hoax calls to voters

No charges in Layton massage parlour leak

Leak of police notes in Layton report probed

NDP leader slams massage parlour report as ‘smear campaign’,0

Toronto mayor had private dinner with controversial promoter

Rob Ford denies calling 911 dispatcher names

WARNING: This story contains language some may find offensive

Ontario wind power faces test over property values

Ontario wind power bringing down property values

Massive Toronto police corruption trial begins

Toronto police corruption trial witness grilled

Corruption trial told of savage beating by Toronto police

Coroner hears arguments on police watchdog report

SNC-Lavalin pulls back from Cyndy Vanier Mexico connection

Ontario woman accused in plot to smuggle Gadhafi family members into Mexico

SNC-Lavalin insider letter sparks probe

SNC-Lavalin shares tumble more than 20 per cent after profit warning

Election call tapes under review by Conservatives

RackNine sues Pat Martin and NDP for $5 million

Misleading robocalls went to voters ID’d as non-Tories

SNC-Lavalin to keep police posted on internal inquiry

Windsor police beating caught on tape

Shareholders face SNC-Lavalin execs amid probe

SNC-Lavalin won’t name execs who OK’d $56M payouts

Niagara police probe steroid, drug allegations within ranks

Steroid allegations within Niagara police go back years

Transport Canada keeps exemptions on rail safety secret

Railway safety: Lisa Raitt rejects rail inspection cuts, but ministry grants exemptions

Just before Lac-Mégantic, railways sought to reduce inspections

CN resumes rail service after train cars derail near Sudbury

TSB recommendation to equip trains with voice recorders stalled

CN Rail says beavers, rain to blame for Burnaby derailment

Railway safety: TSB discovers companies not reporting all derailments

Rob Ford case at a crossroads: 5 questions

Rob Ford crack investigation: OPP, Toronto police at odds

Rob Ford files defence in jailhouse beating lawsuit accusation

Transport Canada keeps exemptions on rail safety secret

Railway safety: Lisa Raitt rejects rail inspection cuts, but ministry grants exemptions