TCRC, Representative of Rail Canada Rejects Resolve Negotiations

According to reports obtained from CBC, it has been concluded that CN Rail and Teamsters Canada Rail are not ready to revert and are still trying their luck to reach a new agreement. TCRC that represents 3000 conductors,yard workers and traffic coordinators of Rail Canada rejected the second unsettled contact deal with CN. As they met on the bargaining table, Labor Minister Kellie Letich said that it is a good decision both parties made by coming face-to-face and discussing the issue.

In the report it is also mentioned that CN has shown a willingness to resolve the issues through the final biding arbitration, seeking an early response from the union. Apparently the involvement of government into this issue has made it quite complex, leaving very little space for a resolve said rail TCRC of Rail Canada. However, considering this report by CBC, not that there is no available authentic source to prove whether what they are claiming is true or just a speculation.


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